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Whether it’s you or a loved one, a cancer diagnosis is frightening, confusing and life altering. Rush Radiosurgery understands that, and we’re ready to walk beside you through this journey. For decades, treatment of cancer often came with debilitating side effects and took several weeks or months to complete. However, the grim outlook of a cancer diagnosis and the physically weakening treatment process isn’t quite the norm it once was 20 years ago. Breakthrough technology such as the TrueBeam STx system has given hope to patients around the world who seek alternatives to conventional surgery or radiation therapy.

A service of Rush University Medical Center, Rush Radiosurgery treats cancers of the brain, spine, pancreas, prostate, kidney, liver and lung. We also treat certain other medical conditions like trigeminal neuralgia and arteriovenous malformations.

We have made our website as patient-friendly as possible, explaining conditions, treatments and risks in everyday terms and invite you to learn more about this revolutionary treatment. Treatment with TrueBeam STx may not be suitable for everyone, but our caring staff and physicians are available to help determine if this treatment is best for you. If you have additional questions or to find out if you may be a candidate for TrueBeam STx radiosurgery, call us at 312-942-4600.

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